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Featuring Shoes Proudly Made in the USA

Over 100 years of American shoemaking experience.  Thousands of In-stock shoes.
Superior materials and craftsmanship offer shoes that last.

Cushion Insole
& Easy Care Linings
True American Sizing for
Accuracy & Consistency in Fit.
Proprietary direct attached
DESMA soling system.
Steel Shank
Double Stiched
for Durability.
Exclusive American Made
Patent Finish for Durability

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Direct Attach

Direct Attach

The soles of Gateway shoes are manufactured at the same time as they are attached to the shoe. Using world renowned DESMA machinery, the outsole is directly attached by extreme heat and pressure using precision tooling and proprietary processes to FUSE the upper to the sole. This process literally melts them together for a superior sole attachment to cement constructed competitors.

Custom & Private Label Shoes


Custom & Private Label Shoes

With over 40 open sets of tooling and 35 years experience bringing shoe designs to life, Gateway has provided retailers and national brands throughout the world with private label shoes. As one of the last remaining shoe manufacturers in the USA, we provide the speed, flexibility and service that can't be matched.

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